Secure EGA Download Client - About

EGA data access is primarily provided via a REST API. For added convenience there are Java applications available to wrap around this API and to provide programmatic, or command interface access to EGA data. The workflow for data download remains the same regardless of the method you choose to download your data. Individual files or whole datasets may be downloaded by first placing a download request and then downloading the file/s associated with the request.

All files are automatically encrypted prior to streaming and must be decrypted using the streamer after download is complete.

The download request or "ticket" is the only information required to start downloading from the EGA. Our servers compare the IP address of the request and the IP address of the download, when intiated, as a security measure to ensure that data is only downloaded by the original authorised requestor.

Upon successful download, the download ticket is removed. The download ticket is also removed automatically after 7 days if a download has not been initiated for the given ticket.

The data arrives on the user's system as encrypted .cip suffixed files and should be decrypted using the key specified in the original download request.

Data download can be carried out through direct access to the EGA Secure Download Client.

For added convenience, we also a provide an EgaDemoClient to interact with the service API without the need to write programs. The JAVA client should fulfil the requirements for must users providing the following functionality:

  ·       Interactive shell to list/request/download/decrypt data
  ·       Command line for the same functionality (list/request/download/decrypt data)
  ·       EGA Globus Online Interaction (BETA)
  ·       FUSE Layer to access downloaded files without having to decrypt them (BETA)